In an age of globalization and standardization, a meadow wildflower is more poetic than a commercially-produced hybrid lily.

Along with our strict design standards, it is this philosophy which sets Fern Croft apart from your typical florist. In all of our work, we focus on form, movement, and feeling. It's important to us that viewers don't just see a decorative clump of flowers, but rather a living moment that is unfolding before them.

We strive to source most of our materials locally, for several reasons: the flowers are fresher, there is a sacred tie to time and place, it supports the local economy and small growers, and it offers an opportunity to hand-select unique materials which are literally priceless and cannot be purchased or found anywhere else. Along with sourcing from local businesses, we also responsibly forage in the local woods, meadows, and farmlands outside of the city, as well as grow many of the flowers in our own gardens. That being said, we do also order some flowers from afar- such as precious garden roses from small, specialized producers; it all depends on the needs of the client.

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Erin Lalley
Founder/Owner/Head-designer Erin@ferncroftfloral.com

Erin began working with plants as a means rather than an end- attending art school for graphic design in Boston, she fell in love with photographing flowers and began arranging them as subjects for her photographs. Through a camera lens, the overall composition and interest of inter-playing forms is of utmost importance, and by viewing flowers from this perspective she was able to understand how to arrange them in a way which engages the viewer and invokes feeling. It is Erin's natural creativity and artistic talent, strict standards of taste, and formal training in design which drives Fern Croft to be the dynamic establishment that it is.