Meadow Mysticism - June 22nd, 4pm

Meadow Mysticism - June 22nd, 4pm


“Finding what makes something unique is more important than what makes something beautiful” 

A pasture, paddock, field or meadow, all vernacular for a piece of low land close to a river. 

Lost connection to instinctual human process because of fast passed modes of being, here we slow down and take a mediative look at how we can achieve a designed arrangement using what’s around us.

This is a floral intensive class. We will begin by building a beautiful floral arrangement, discussions on design and intention, and ending with a low key summer solstice dinner.

We will have access to other locally grown specialty flowers to mix in with our congenital meadow material.

Realize the satisfaction of finding floral harmony through strange material choices… The choice is yours, we are offering 8 spots for a 2 hour class in the meadows of Aurora situated on the Cazenovia Creek. Great class for designers, photographers or stylists. Plenty of eye candy…

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