Process and Production ; Heart and Mind


My heart and mind have been in conflict lately, and I've many times considered the relevance of a floral blog... until most recently. The act of writing alone is cathartic, but its importance on a social platform (hint hint SEO) is enough of an appeal. I must admit- it's hard to get started again! For 'heart and mind' as epigraph to the new journal, I have decided to skip the syrupy stuff and jump right in. 


Late June I dipped into our advertising funds to hire Sarah Bridgman to come and photograph a load out of a wedding at Hotel Henry. My reasoning for this extravagance was that the romance of Fern Croft is our process and production, rather than the finished product. Although the documentation of both is paramount to the future of my mission as well as vision.

My position as Fern Croft creative director has changed a bit from previous years. While my hands are still very much in the production, I am more enthusiastic about teaching and exploring the ideas of the other creatives who work along side me.


I remind the new apprentice, Marla : "The combination of air, material, and its executed repetition creates the rhythm needed for floral symmetry. It's not a pretentious statement, but rather one made from my many years of visual study. Air as a material, is like a resolution-by-paradox."

She smiles and continues to gracefully carry the table centerpieces to their right place.  

 Bridal Bouquet- my creative domain. 

Bridal Bouquet- my creative domain. 


And! While I am not ready to hand the torch over completely, I have many confidences in those who continue to walk through the doors that this 'vision' I speak of will be carried on in their hearts and minds and into whatever endeavors life presents them.

Thank You to Sarah Bridgeman for these beautiful photographs.