Weeds, Wildflowers & Roses - July 13th

Weeds, Wildflowers & Roses - July 13th


Summer Class

There is an untapped world of botanic materials available to you...

While the roses will be the major contribution to the whole of the arrangement, it is the foliage and gestural elements (WEEDS) that contribute to creating overall harmony. 

We hope to challenge students previous knowledge of floral design (though it's not necessary to have any) and to encourage using basic design principles such as scale, value, color and texture.

A major component to Fern Crofts unique style is the concentration on form and the understanding of negative and positive space in a floral arrangement. This understanding of manipulating space will be the focus of the two hour class.

Spaces are limited. Class starts at 6:30pm. 


* Photography by Sarah Bridgeman

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