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Floral design classes

Seasonal Floral Design Classes at Fern Croft

The art of floral design is a skill which, once mastered, can bring beauty and grace to any home in any season, regardless of time or budget. Whether a few stems in a vase or an elaborate centerpiece, when these living decorations are arranged in a way which accentuates their natural characteristics, they invoke a meaningful and timeless class that is lacking in most other décor. A new hobby? A new family tradition to be shared and passed down through the generations? Maybe.

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Sarah Bridgeman Photography

Sarah Bridgeman Photography

The Shop on Bryant Street 

The Fern Croft shop is a curated space which is always in flux. Houseplants, specially-chosen pots, planters and vases, as well as other items of décor and self-care can be found for sale around the shop, which also serves as our work and meeting space. By putting care and intention into the inventory and arrangement of the shop, we've been tickled to find that we've created a vibe which attracts people to the space. At any given time, you can usually find a couple of people sitting around and having a chat, and we welcome anyone to stop by, even if it's just to enjoy the sights and smells.

In addition to classes, we also occasionally hold small events at the shop, and encourage you to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for announcements of both.